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Emerald Bracelet

$314.30 $449
Total Gem Weight:
8.70 CTTW
1st Gem:
6.30 CTTW Pear Shape Emerald (18 stones, 6x4 mm)
2nd Gem:
2.40 CTTW Round White Topaz (18 stones, 3x3 mm)
Sterling Silver

This brilliant pairing of Emerald and White Topaz creates a uniquely gorgeous bracelet. Containing 6.3 carats of pear shaped Emerald and 2.4 carats of round White Topaz, this ensemble is elegantly set in an opulent Sterling Silver. The bracelet's length is 7 inches.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Meaning: Mercy, compassion, and love.

Healing Properties of Emerald: Emerald can help in regulating eye pressure and treating digestive problems. It’s also known to be effective with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Sources of Emerald: Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, and Egypt

Interesting Facts: The first known emeralds were mined in Ancient Egypt around 1500 BC. One of Cleopatra's favorite stones was emerald.

Beneficial properties of Sterling Silver: Silver is said to be amplify the effects of other stones, thus making it a needed compliment to any gemstone jewelry. Silver is also said to aid with mental health as well as strengthen certain physiological processes such as vitamin assimilation.

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