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Smokey Quartz Cushion Earrings

$52.50 $75
Total Gem Weight:
4.00 CTTW
1st Gem:
4.00 CTTW Cushion Smokey Quartz (2 stones, 8x8 mm)
Sterling Silver

This stylish Smokey Quartz earring features 4 carats of a lustrous cushion-cut Smokey Quartz set in a sleek Sterling Silver.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Meaning: Calmness, Stability, Centeredness

Healing properties of Smokey Quartz: Helps with relieving stress, anxiety, or panic attacks. Also, reduces negative thinking, and eliminates worry in confusing life situations. This crystal aids in facilitating change in life, as well as helps with manifesting goals.

Sources of Smokey Quartz: Sri Lanka, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Maine, New Hampshire, Alabama and Colorado.

Interesting Facts: Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for grounding and detoxifying one's energy. Along with spiritual benefits, Smokey Quartz may be used to help with health related issues , including ones in the reproductive system and nerve tissues.

Beneficial properties of Sterling Silver: Silver is said to be amplify the effects of other stones, thus making it a needed compliment to any gemstone jewelry. Silver is also said to aid with mental health as well as strengthen certain physiological processes such as vitamin assimilation.

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