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Tanzanite Trillion Earrings

$59.50 $85
Total Gem Weight:
0.90 CTTW
1st Gem:
0.90 CTTW Trillion Tanzanite (1 stone, 5x5 mm)
Sterling Silver
Stylish and richly hued, these eye-catching trillion cut Tanzanite earrings are set in a stylish Sterling Silver. These Tanzanite earrings are set in a luxurious Sterling Silver.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Capricorn

Meaning: Tanzanite is a calming stone. It is believed that it can restore balance when life becomes chaotic or extremely busy.

Healing properties of Tanzanite: The Tanzanite stone is known to help manifest desires through will and vision. It gives personal insight and power. The stone is good for protection and is sometimes given to new or expecting mothers. It helps with psychic abilities and if a person is just beginning to develop this field, it's one of the most powerful stones for this.

Sources of Tanzanite: East Africa - Tanzania.

Interesting Facts: A fairly new stone that was only introduced to the world market in the year 1969. The Tanzanite Foundation calls Tanzanite a "geological phenomenon" and claims that the gemstone is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. According to the Tanzanite Foundation, the Masai people consider Tanzanite a "mystical" stone, created when a bolt of lightning struck the earth and transformed rocks into purple-blue gems.

Beneficial properties of Sterling Silver: Silver is said to be amplify the effects of other stones, thus making it a needed compliment to any gemstone jewelry. Silver is also said to aid with mental health as well as strengthen certain physiological processes such as vitamin assimilation.

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