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Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

Total Gem Weight:
3.00 CTTW
1st Gem:
3.00 CTTW Simulated Swiss Blue Topaz (1 stone, 10x10 mm)
Sterling Silver

A gorgeous simulated Swiss Blue Topaz pendant, featuring 3 carats of round Swiss Blue Topaz and a stylish setting of Sterling Silver. The chain's length is 18 inches.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius

Meaning: consistency, loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The metaphysical properties of Topaz include strength, releasing tension and balancing emotions.

Healing properties of Topaz: Awakens and helps understanding of psychic intuition and mysticism. Encourages living authentically in feeling and action, with faithfulness and loyalty. Helpful for eyesight and during childbirth.

Sources of Topaz: Southern Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Czechoslovakia and Nevada.

Interesting Facts: Topaz has been credited to be effective in healing problems related to sanity, asthma, gout, blood disorders, tuberculosis and insomnia. Topaz is known to awaken the spiritual psyche and contribute to positive and happy feelings.

Beneficial properties of Sterling Silver: Silver is said to be amplify the effects of other stones, thus making it a needed compliment to any gemstone jewelry. Silver is also said to aid with mental health as well as strengthen certain physiological processes such as vitamin assimilation.

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