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Morganite and Opal Petal Ring

$45.50 $65
Total Gem Weight:
2.00 CTTW
1st Gem:
1.50 CTTW Oval Simulated Morganite (1 stone, 9x7 mm)
2nd Gem:
0.50 CTTW Oval Simulated Opal (8 stones, 5x3 mm)
Sterling Silver

This beautiful flower-like ring features a 1.50 carat simulated Morganite center stone surrounded by 8 simulated opal petals. It is set in sterling silver.

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Meaning: Love, healing of heartbreak, and the transformation of grief into wisdom.

Healing Properties of Morganite: Morganite can support the heart by countering palpitations and helping in the treatment of other heart-related problems. It can clear the lungs and treat the nervous system.

Sources of Morganite: Afghanistan, China, Madagascar, Brazil, Namibia, Russia, Zimbabwe, California and Maine

Interesting Facts: Morganite was named after American financier J.P. Morgan, who was an avid gem collector.

Beneficial properties of Sterling Silver: Silver is said to be amplify the effects of other stones, thus making it a needed compliment to any gemstone jewelry. Silver is also said to aid with mental health as well as strengthen certain physiological processes such as vitamin assimilation.

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